Is Your Paperwork in Order?

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You may not know about LoadDocs, one of our newest clients. But if you’re writing stories about driver inspections, the electronic logging device or ELD mandate, invoicing and billing, or any back-office functions, we think introductions are in order. 

As you may be aware, under the electronic logging device mandate, fleets are required to provide supporting documents to back up the device’s electronic data. LoadDocs can make that easier with an application that allows drivers to capture and transmit images of bills of lading, weight certificates, toll receipts, inspection reports and expense reports to their companies electronically. This application makes it possible for fleets to provide commercial vehicle inspectors and customers supporting documents upon demand within minutes.  

The electronic documents the application captures and stores are also legible and don’t require viewers to turn their heads or screens sideways to read them on a desktop or laptop computer.  When drivers make deliveries in places with limited or no cell coverage, LoadDocs can capture and store the images the drivers take, then automatically transmit them when they reach an area where there’s a stronger signal.

You can learn more from a news release we distributed on Thursday, May 10. It offers some additional details as does a backgrounder that we’ve also posted on the company’s TruckPR newsroom. Take a look and if you would like to schedule an interview to talk about managing paperwork and back-office functions, we would be happy to connect you. 

Need an HR or Training Expert?

As you know, we work with CarriersEdge, which provides online driver training.  Really good company, and they’ve been growing at a significant clip.  They’ve also been heavily involved in TCA’s Best Fleets to Drive For program. Over the years, CarriersEdge has surveyed and interviewed hundreds of fleets. They’ve found some very interesting trends, and have a good understanding as to what top fleets are doing to keep/retain drivers.  

If you’re working on any HR-type stories now and down the road…training of course…or driver pay trends for example, or what fleets are doing to differentiate themselves with drivers….etc…. please keep Jane Jazrawy and Mark Murrell, the leaders of CE,  on your radar as a source for information.  They have aknowledge base that is phenomenal.  We’d be happy to assist in connecting you….

For the latest news on CarriersEdge, visit the company's TruckPR newsroom.

Client is Inspirational Achiever

Client is Inspirational Achiever

Gayle Robertson, co-founder of our client - BOLT System, was chosen by Fleet Owner magazine as one of 12 inspirational female leaders in the trucking industry. Fleet Owner featured Gayle and the other 11 women in its special “Women in Transportation” issue. See our congratulations to Gayle and a link to the story posted on Fleet Owner's web site.

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