About Vector

Whether it’s a typical proof of delivery, or trip sheet, Vector digitizes workflow and communication around a central platform to enhance visibility and drive efficiency. Its data capture and exceptional imaging for documentation, are best-in-class. The program allows for GPS capture and electronic signature, which frees drivers from repetitive data entry while minimizing delays and paper shuffling back at the home office.

To learn more about Vector, take a look at this backgrounder or visit the company’s web site.

Media Contact

Doug Siefkes, SiefkesPetit Communications


821 Folsom St. #101B
San Francisco, CA 94107

Key Executives

Brian Belcher – Co-founder and COO
Will Chu – Co-founder and CEO
Darren Chan – Co-founder and Product Manager



Markets Served

All.  If there is a delivery by truck, and paperwork is involved, Vector can be beneficial.


Here is a partial list of the topics the Vector can discuss:

  • Fleets that have implemented their ELD will now need to ensure they are meeting the Supporting Documents requirement to the mandate

  • Driver recruitment and retention

  • Speed up cash flow--invoicing to get paid and settlement to pay drivers

  • Reduce back-office processing -- Vector eliminates manual indexing allowing office staff to refocus efforts on exceptions and customer service

  • Operationalizing OCR technology

  • Applying a solution for Blockchain technology

  • Food Safety Regulation