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Email Doug

Doug Siefkes

Doug has been developing PR strategies for suppliers to heavy-duty vehicle and equipment markets for 30 years. He founded his firm, The Siefkes Group, in 1991 with one client—Kenworth, a relationship that continues today.

Senior editors and writers know Doug as one of the most effective PR guys in the business. His commitment to his clients and appreciation for what journalists want in a story are unmatched in the industry.

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Email Stephen

Stephen Petit

Stephen teamed with Doug in 2004 after 11 years as a writer, editor, and partner at Newcom Business Media, a B2B publishing company that specializes in commercial trucking in Canada. He's fluent in "truck" and knows every dialect: fleet owner, owner-operator, freight broker, maintenance manager, OEM, truck dealer, parts distributor...

Stephen works with DAT, Zetec, Cummins Filtration, Red Dot, North Star Fleet, and TFS Group, and handles a range of special writing, audio, and video projects.

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