Daseke Names Bharat Mahajan Chief Financial Officer

Bharat Mahajan will assume role of Daseke CFO from Scott Wheeler, who was named Daseke's president earlier this year.

Bharat Mahajan will assume role of Daseke CFO from Scott Wheeler, who was named Daseke's president earlier this year.

ADDISON, Texas – July 2, 2018 – Daseke Inc., (NASDAQ: DSKE) (NASDAQ: DSKEW), the largest flatbed, specialized transportation and logistics solutions company in North America, today announced the appointment of  Bharat Mahajan as the company’s new chief financial officer. Mahajan will assume the role of CFO from Scott Wheeler, who was named Daseke’s president earlier this year.

Mahajan previously served as CFO for Aveda Transportation and Energy Services, which merged with Daseke in June. Mahajan, who will work at Daseke’s Dallas-area headquarters, brings the company a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

“As a leader of the financial team of a publicly-traded transportation company, Bharat has a proven record of helping businesses grow while maximizing profitability,” said Don Daseke, company CEO and chairman.

“We are very pleased to bring Bharat on as our new CFO,” added Wheeler. “Bharat did an impressive job while at Aveda. His work is of the highest caliber, and our values are closely aligned -- he believes in building teams that make the whole organization better. He’s a perfect fit to help us achieve our vision of continued growth as a leading consolidator and North America’s largest owner of flatbed and specialized transportation capacity.”

 “I’ve watched Daseke for some time,” said Mahajan. “The honesty, integrity and transparency are very apparent with Don Daseke, Scott Wheeler and the rest of the Daseke team. It’s very synergetic with the way I’ve always approached business and financial propositions. I look forward to continuing a positive people-culture for the Daseke financial team in our work with the operating companies, as well as with our external stakeholders.”
Mahajan’s track record at Aveda included leading a team that negotiated with, acquired and successfully integrated six companies. He also helped raise revenue by eightfold between early 2016 and early 2018.

“Bharat impressed us from Day One and is a strong fit with our company culture,” Daseke said. “He’s a rising star in the financial world and has accomplished so much so soon. His strong background and focus on people first will enable him to do great things at Daseke.”

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Daseke Inc. is a leading consolidator and the largest owner of flatbed and specialized transportation and logistics capacity in North America. Daseke offers comprehensive, best-in-class services to many of the world’s most respected industrial shippers through experienced people, more than 5,500 tractors, more than 11,500 flatbed and specialized trailers, and million-plus square feet of industrial warehousing space. Daseke is uniquely positioned as the largest carrier, yet has only a small percent market share, of the highly fragmented flatbed and specialized transportation market. For more information, please visit www.daseke.com.

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