Drivewyze Offers Mobile-Based Weigh Station Bypass Service in Spanish

 Drivewyze is one of only a few app developers offering full Spanish language support for its smartphone app.

 Drivewyze is one of only a few app developers offering full Spanish language support for its smartphone app.

BURLINGAME, Calif., Dec. 11, 2015 – Drivewyze now offers its mobile-based weigh station bypass application in Spanish with full Spanish-language support from its customer response center. 

Providing the application and support in Spanish is in response to changing demographics, and aiding drivers whose primary language is Spanish, said Doug Johnson, marketing director for Drivewyze. 

The Spanish language option is available to users who download the Android version of the Drivewyze app from Google Play. Spanish language support is not currently available for Apple iPhones and tablets, nor for any of Drivewyze’s partner ELD devices. Drivewyze is planning to introduce Spanish language support for Apple iPhones and tablets at a later time.

People of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity make up a significant percentage of truck drivers, Johnson added. “One out of every five employed in 2014 were of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, and that number is expected to grow,” he said. “And as weigh station bypass becomes increasingly popular, we wanted it easy for all drivers to use our app.”

The company’s recent rapid growth in several states with large Hispanic and Latino communities including Florida, Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana, have also contributed to an immediate need for Spanish language support, he said. 

By law, drivers must possess enough English language proficiency to converse with the public and to obey traffic signs and signals in the English language to get a CDL, Johnson said.  “However, the language barrier can make it much more difficult for them to pick up a smartphone, download the Drivewyze application from Google Play and figure out how to use it using English language instructions,” Johnson added.

“We’ve taken that barrier away and have taken it a step further by offering Spanish-language customer service representatives who can converse and answer any questions our customers may have. We’re one of only a few companies with an app offering that service.” 

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