Forbes on the productivity impact of HOS rules

I'm always interested to see how mainstream business sites cover trucking. Here's Bob Bowman of SupplyChainBrain reporting for Forbes on how new hours-of-service rules are affecting productivity at truckload carriers:

During the public comment period, truckers warned that the rules would cut deeply into their productivity. Now, they say, that is precisely what has happened.

Schneider National predicted back in February of 2011 a productivity drop of between 3% and 4%. Four months after implementation of the HOS rules, Schneider is reporting declines of 3.1% on solo shipments and 4.3% on team shipments.

Truckload carriers feel the impact more because of their longer average length of haul, resulting in a 6% to 7% drag on productivity in long-haul lanes and a 3% drag overall.