Sobs, relief, and 'are you serious?'

Sandi Soendker at LandLine goes joyridin' with Trucker Charity's Christmas Group, which this year delivered $600 no-strings-attached checks to 22 trucking families in need. Each was delivered with a personal phone call from Santa and 40-plus "elves" on a massive conference cellular joy ride that lasted eight hours. Greg Manchester played the role of Santa from the seat of his truck. He began each call like this:

Ho ho ho this is Santa, calling from the North Pole. I am here with all the elves on the workshop floor. You are one of the 22 families we’ve chosen to support this year with $600 to get them through Christmas. So Merry Christmas! (1, 2, 3, everyone on the conference call shouts “Merry Christmas!”)

The reaction? Sobs, gasps of relief, and outright “are you serious?”

In many cases, the wife was home with kids, husband on the road, behind with bills and no presents. Not even a tree yet.

Talk about making your way onto Santa's "nice" list. Great job, guys. Merry Christmas. Learn more about Trucker Charity—and make a donation—here.