CSA just doesn't get the job done

A great read: Avery Vise, writing for FleetOwner.com, talks about the FMCSA's Compliance, Safety, Accountability program and its struggle to keep tabs on very small trucking operations:

Ultimately, FMCSA and its state partners can improve safety only by devoting more resources to safety oversight, and that costs money they don’t have. It’s not even clear that they are spending the money they do have wisely. Putting aside legitimate gripes over SMS methodology, this sad reality seriously undermines CSA’s integrity, especially considering that CSA data is public and not just an internal enforcement tool.

In the latest census uploaded on the SMS website, 772,045 motor carriers had just one or two trucks—about 74% of all carriers in the database. Vise puts into words what we've been thinking all along: the FMCSA needs an effective way to oversee these small operations, and CSA ain't it.