How can we be that Walmart?

Mitch Mac Donald of DC Velocity has an interview with former Walmart CEO Lee Scott on how logistics helped turn the company's fortunes. Scott points to Walmart's logistics operations post-Hurricane Katrina as an example:

Around the time the disaster struck, Walmart was just being creamed in the press with ongoing attacks, mostly from organized labor. We were in a very defensive mode. Then Katrina hit. We had people who did things that were just extraordinary. There's one picture I recall of all these Walmart trucks lined up outside New Orleans, all of them carrying water, boots, first aid supplies, and other necessities. This happened within hours—before FEMA or anybody else got there.

So the question became, how can we be that Walmart? The Walmart we were during Katrina. How can we be that Walmart all the time? Where can we use size and scale as an advantage, rather than have it always feel like a disadvantage? And that was the mindset that changed our approach to the environment, to social responsibility.

The guy wraps up the interview with some great advice for logistics pros—or anyone, for that matter.