Drivewyze's Phenomenal Growth

Since Drivewyze's introduction to federal regulators at a demonstration event in Maryland in June of 2013, it’s been exciting to watch the growth of the mobile-based weigh station bypass service. Drivewyze has grown from 217 locations in a little more than a dozen states to more than 400 in 33 states. We think that growth says a lot about the prospects of this alternative to transponder-based weigh station bypass. Part of Drivewyze's beauty is how simple it is to use. Drivers can access it on their tablets, phones or other mobile devices. And fleets can use it with selected telematics devices from three major providers, with more on the way.

We're particularly excited about some announcements Drivewyze plans to make in January and later this year. To provide you a quick look at Drivewyze and what’s got us so excited about its potential, we asked Brian Heath, president of Drivewyze, a few questions.