Need an HR or Training Expert?

As you know, we work with CarriersEdge, which provides online driver training.  Really good company, and they’ve been growing at a significant clip.  They’ve also been heavily involved in TCA’s Best Fleets to Drive For program. Over the years, CarriersEdge has surveyed and interviewed hundreds of fleets. They’ve found some very interesting trends, and have a good understanding as to what top fleets are doing to keep/retain drivers.  

If you’re working on any HR-type stories now and down the road…training of course…or driver pay trends for example, or what fleets are doing to differentiate themselves with drivers….etc…. please keep Jane Jazrawy and Mark Murrell, the leaders of CE,  on your radar as a source for information.  They have aknowledge base that is phenomenal.  We’d be happy to assist in connecting you….

For the latest news on CarriersEdge, visit the company's TruckPR newsroom.