Prime Inc. Controls Costs with PACCAR Parts Fleet Services

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., March 29, 2011—A major trucking company using a consolidated billing service available from PACCAR Parts Fleet Services finds the program saves its accounting department dozens of hours of work reconciling invoices each month.

But perhaps more important for operations is the customizable reporting and centralized billing system for fleet maintenance that makes it easier and faster for drivers to get repairs completed while they’re out on the road, said Nick Forte, maintenance manager for Prime Inc. PACCAR Parts Fleet Services provides fleets enhanced tools allowing them to gain greater control over truck parts ordering and servicing.

“With our ability to establish customized billing down to the driver level with the program’s purchase order number validation and transaction level authorization, dealers can respond more quickly to repairs and other services that need to be done on the road,” Forte said. “Parts can be ordered and authorization for service can be confirmed more quickly for our company and leased drivers. That means fewer delays, which is good because many of the loads our trucks haul are fixed with scheduled times for delivery. Delays can be costly for our company and particularly for our independent operators.”

Springfield, Mo.-based Prime Inc., a refrigerated, flatbed and tanker carrier, operates a fleet of 4,000 trucks, including about 1,300 Peterbilt Model 387s, in the Lower 48 states and in Canada. About 2/3 of Prime’s drivers are private contractors who lease trucks from the company, the remaining third are hired drivers. The company has three maintenance shops at its three company terminals in Salt Lake City, Utah; Springfield, Mo.; and Pittston, Pa.

Forte also appreciates how upfront price verification helps Prime hold down costs for its private contractors, which make up a majority of the company’s business.

“Since we simply bill our leased drivers whatever PACCAR Parts Fleet Services charges us for parts, any savings we get means more money in their pockets,” Forte said. “And that makes for happier drivers who are much less likely to go drive for another company. Keeping our skilled independent drivers is critical to our company’s success.”

Barry Gray, PACCAR Parts director of fleet sales for Peterbilt, said the experience of companies like Prime Inc. is the reason PACCAR Parts Fleet Services nearly doubled its business in 2010.

“Because the system is hosted and can be accessed through robustly secure connections via the web, companies don’t have to purchase special software or hardware to implement it,” he added. “The web access provides their fleet and maintenance managers 24/7 access for complete real-time control of every vehicle.”

Though PACCAR Parts Fleet Services is specifically designed for long-haul or regional-haul fleets with 250 or more trucks domiciled at several locations, vocational fleets with trucks, which travel long distances and are serviced at multiple dealer locations, can also benefit.

“Fleet Services is a great choice because it allows managers to establish uniform specifications for purchase orders and authorizations,” said Gray.

Drivers or other company personnel such as terminal managers or dispatchers can be given prior authorization to order parts or services without having to wait for approval.

“Fleets can create multiple log-ins with various authorizations, depending on their operational needs,” he explained. “Or they can have account ID cards assigned to drivers with transaction limits. Or they can also establish purchase order numbers that can help service personnel at the dealer validate payment authorization for needed services.”

To enroll for PACCAR Parts Fleet Services, fleets are encouraged to speak with their preferred Kenworth or Peterbilt dealership for more information.