PACCAR Parts to Celebrate its 40th Anniversary in 2013

RENTON, Wash., May 1, 2013—PACCAR Parts celebrates its 40th anniversary on May 1, marking four decades of global leadership in commercial vehicle parts and service.

In 1973, PACCAR Parts opened its first parts distribution center (PDC) in Renton, Washington. Today PACCAR Parts’ worldwide network spans 16 PDCs on four continents and champions new technologies in parts distribution.

“Over the past 40 years, PACCAR Parts has developed a global distribution network built on innovation and technology, to deliver quality parts when and where they’re needed,” said Darrin Siver, PACCAR Parts general manager.

PACCAR Parts increased its global reach in the 1990s, expanding to Australia, Mexico and throughout Europe and South America. As the division grew, its focus on technology continued, including an advanced electronic catalog system and groundbreaking inventory-management systems. The exclusive TRP line of all-makes aftermarket parts was launched in Europe, and has become a worldwide brand.

“The global growth achieved by PACCAR Parts in its first 40 years is a significant accomplishment,” said Dan Sobic, PACCAR executive vice president. “This foundation of leadership and innovation sets the stage for further worldwide growth over the next 40 years.”

This focus on leading-edge products and services brings PACCAR Parts customers world-class support as well. PACCAR Parts Fleet Services supports fleet customers in North America and Europe. CONNECT online maintenance and inventory software enables control over parts inventory and service scheduling for customers and repair shops.

“Technology has always been at the center of PACCAR Parts’ success and excellent reputation with customers,” Siver said. “Systems such as Managed Dealer Inventory, as well as distribution technology such as voice-activated order picking, have streamlined supply-chain operations and created value for customers around the world.”

As PACCAR Parts celebrates its 40th year, the division looks forward to continued growth and success, recently opening a new world-class, state-of-the-art PDC in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. “It takes clear, well-defined, strategic goals to set the direction for the continued growth of PACCAR Parts,” Siver said. “Our achievements and results are made possible by the hard work and ingenuity of all PACCAR Parts employees. Together, we will continue to set new records.”