Dupré Logistics First PacLease Customer to Lease Peterbilt Model 579

FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. 30, 2013—Dupré Logistics LLC Energy Distribution Services became the first PacLease customer to lease the Peterbilt Model 579. Dupré is leasing 10 Peterbilt 579s from PacLease’s company store in Fort Worth.

Peterbilt 579 day cabs feature 455-hp PACCAR MX engines and 10-speed Eaton Fuller transmissions. With its distinctive aerodynamic styling, and the performance of the PACCAR MX engine, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay® designated 579 has improved Dupré’s fuel economy by 3 percent after an initial break-in period.

“The 579 offers our drivers an 8-inch wider cab and greater visibility,” said Scott Allen, director of fleet assets and maintenance for Dupré. It also offers a tilting and telescoping steering column for a more adjustable work environment, plus a main instrumentation panel with easy-to-read gauges. It achieves maximum visibility through an A-pillar-designed cab and a panoramic-style windshield.

“When we can offer drivers a more comfortable work environment that can be easily adjusted to their different body types, it makes it easier to recruit and retain the best,” Allen said.

“With PacLease, we get custom-spec’d trucks with the latest technology available without having to use the company’s capital resources to acquire them,” he said. “And we don’t need to worry about their maintenance, PacLease maintains them for us. With the added scrutiny by the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration with its CSA program, having well-maintained trucks is critical to obtaining and keeping our good safety rating.

“Maintenance was an issue for some of our terminal operations because we were suffering from downtime and delivery delays associated with our trucks,” Allen explained. “Our operations can be hard on trucks. So, we need trucks equipped and maintained to handle that. When we’ve leased trucks from PacLease, it’s a much better maintenance solution for those operations.”

Dupré is also leasing 35 Peterbilt Model 386s equipped with 485-hp PACCAR MX engines. These trucks are remotely domiciled in the Southeast. Local PacLease franchises - MHC Truck Leasing and Rush Truck Leasing, as well as PacLease’s own company stores provide service support for the Peterbilt 386s and 579s.

Allen said Dupré is looking at replacing more of its trucks with units leased from PacLease because of the quality of the trucks offered and the ability of PacLease, MHC Truck Leasing and Rush Truck Leasing to keep them well-maintained.

“We’re pleased the Peterbilt 579 with the PACCAR MX engine offers our drivers a truck platform that performs well, is easy to drive and lowers our fuel costs through improved drivability and aerodynamics,” Allen said. “We’re also pleased that full-service leasing through PacLease allows us to focus our operation on making fuel deliveries more safe, cost-efficient and on time.