Catching Up With Que Products

By Robert Gardiner

Last month, Red Dot presented T/CCI with our 2012 Supplier Excellence Award for outstanding product quality, on-time delivery, and performance. This is the fourth straight year that T/CCI—maker of Que compressors— has received this honor from Red Dot.

We’ve offered Que compressors since 2007 and since then we’ve seen the Que brand gradually shift from being known as a “value” alternative and become many customers’ brand of choice in the aftermarket.

If you’re stocking Que compressors, I want to share a few key selling points in case your customers have questions about T/CCI and the Que product line:

1. Designed and Supported Here

There must be a hundred companies making cheap A/C compressors in China. These manufacturers don’t design their products. They don’t distribute them. There’s no warranty or sales support. They just pump out compressors and ship them overseas to be sold out of a warehouse at a low price.

T/CCI is an American company that builds compressors in China at a facility that is wholly owned and managed by T/CCI. Its engineering, sales, and customer support staff are in the United States. The company is in control of the product from the start, and its testing and validation lab in Illinois is one of the industry’s best. 

2. Dedicated to Heavy-Duty Markets

T/CCI supplies Que compressors exclusively to heavy-duty markets. On the OE side, its customers include Caterpillar, CNH, Thermo King, Carrier—global companies that demand excellence in design, materials, and manufacturing.

We’ve seen T/CCI apply that same commitment in the heavy-duty aftermarket.

The Que wobble-plate compressor has a 30-mm shaft bearing, bigger thrust bearings, stainless steel reed valves, and a little more copper and friction surface area on the clutch. It also uses double end-capped PAG oil instead of single end-capped PAG. We don’t see any difference in the relative number of warranty claims due to manufacturing or design defects.

3. Excellent Availability

Sometimes, the choice of A/C compressor depends on what’s in stock. T/CCI has been exceptional with product availability and providing the inventory we need at Red Dot.

As you evaluate compressors, you can count on seeing more options from T/CCI and Que to supplement our catalog. If you have questions or feedback about the performance, quality, or availability of any of the compressors we offer, contact your Red Dot Account Manager.