How to Promote Wintertime Heating and A/C Maintenance

Everyone gets the importance of a functioning heater in the winter, but do your parts and service customers know that a truck's A/C is just as critical?

“Including the A/C in your fall service specials can mean better defroster performance and visibility for the driver throughout the winter,” says Red Dot Account Manager Charles Wilkes.

Charles offers this list of pre-winter preventive maintenance items to include in your parts and service specials:

  • Check refrigerant and coolant hoses for wear, especially around fittings, clamps, and connections.
  • Clean dirt and debris from condenser fins and tubes.
  • Inspect and replace dirty cab air filters.
  • Check the compressor for signs of heat or potential failure, including oil or dirt around the shaft seal, clutch hub discoloration, or cracked belts.
  • Inspect the moisture indicator on the receiver-dryer. Replace the dryer once a year or any time the A/C system is opened.
  • Perform a manifold gauge check and, if necessary, test for leaks, recharge the system, and replace the receiver drier.

Talk to vehicle owners about the need for a complete HVAC inspection before the winter really sets in. You’ll see happier, more comfortable customers—and increased A/C parts and service business in the winter months.