New Red Dot Packaging Helps Protect Your Parts

If you’ve ordered a Red Dot double blower motor lately, you may have noticed something different. Not with the product itself, but with the packaging.

“Over the last 18 months, we’ve been working to redesign our packaging in response to warranty issues and requests from distributors,” says Paul Davis, Red Dot Logistics Manager. Double blowers are the first Red Dot products to ship in newly configured packaging, followed by condenser cores later this summer.

“We want Red Dot packaging to be as appealing and efficient as possible,” Paul says. “Packaging should protect the product during shipping, but also present the product really well once it reaches the user.”

Because HVAC components come in a range of sizes and shapes, each type presents its own special requirements.

“Take our double blowers, for example,” Paul says. “I think we’ve all seen blower housings damaged by shock or vibration. The system we designed actually suspends and supports the component inside the box, reducing the likelihood of the product getting broken during transit. At the same time, the packaging isn’t any more bulky than necessary. You don’t have to worry about extra wrapping, foam, or other material coming off on the product. It looks like careful consideration went into the packaging, which it has.”

Paul says packaging development will continue to be an important focus at Red Dot.

“With thousands of products shipped each year, the gains from better packaging represent big savings in warranty claims,” he explains. “Packaging can also contribute to future sales. It reflects well on Red Dot and on the distributor. When the installer opens a box, he should feel confident that the part inside is as ready as he is to get the job done. That confidence will keep him coming back.”