Red Dot Training for Inside and Outside Salespeople

By Scott Dueringer

During the spring and summer months, I’m in truck dealerships almost every week providing training.

While I do a lot of technical training with mechanics, a big part of my job involves training inside and outside salespeople. Both work directly with customers but require a very different approach to training. 

With parts countermen, the goal is product training. I want to make sure they’re fully aware of the products that are available, where to find those products online and in the Red Dot catalog, and what to ask so they can create a cross-sell opportunity.

With outside sales guys, the focus is sales support. I accompany the salesperson on his call and provide the technical expertise or product knowledge to help him communicate with his customer. For the outside salesperson, it’s a big advantage to have a Red Dot specialist with him. I’ve known first-hand how to build an all-makes parts inventory that will cover all the trucks in a fleet, and why a particular unit or condenser works best for a given application. I can also help the customer and his mechanics with technical training. When the salesperson says that Red Dot stands behind our products, the customer can see that we’re right there, literally, doing just that. It makes an impression.

Training is an important part of what we do as Red Dot account managers. Whether you need technical or product training (or both), talk to us about building the right program for you or your customers.