Spec’ing A/C for Refuse Truck Cabs

By Scott Dueringer

Commercial truck freight may cycle up and down, but there is never a shortage of loads in waste, refuse, and recycling. For many years now, truck OEs have focused their cab and chassis designs on ergonomics and driver comfort, including wider doors, bigger interiors, and more window glass.

These features combined with a low-speed, stop-and-go, doors-open operating environment make it a challenge to cool the cab using factory A/C alone.

That’s why waste haulers are great prospects for supplemental air conditioning.

In the Phoenix area, where I’m based, one of the most effective, proven combinations for refuse vehicles is our R-9715 A/C unit and R-4500 power condenser. At 39,500 BTU/Hr, the R-9715 is a high-capacity headliner unit you can spec with an electric water pump kit for tilt cabs. The R-4500 is a dual-fan condenser that’s available with a low-profile conversion kit. We sell them together with a choice of three installation kits.

For specs and other details, check out our A/C Systems for Refuse Vehicles brochure (RD-5-13249-0P). It explains more about the R-9715/R-4500 system as well as two other popular systems among refuse fleets: our compact, versatile R-2000 A/C unit/R-6160 rooftop condenser, and our rugged, low-profile R-6100 rooftop A/C unit.

Every fleet manager I’ve met in waste/refuse/recycling is concerned about productivity; uptime; and driver comfort, safety, and retention. Better still, there’s probably a refuse fleet located not too far from you. Ask your Red Dot Account Manager about how Red Dot A/C systems and all-makes parts can help you take advantage of a great opportunity to serve a local fleet.