Red Dot A/C On Board With SRS Crisafulli


Interstate Power Systems in Billings, Mont., is no stranger to specialty OE applications. But with SRS Crisafulli, there’s more to the term “off highway” than what’s on the surface. Based in Glendive, Mont., SRS Crisafulli builds industrial dredges for pumping sediment, sludge, slurries, hazardous waste, and other watery material. 

“We were calling on Crisafulli for other business. Being a few hours up the road, we realized there was an opportunity to offer Red Dot units and to back them up with local support,” says Mike Ray, branch manager.

That was nearly 15 years ago. Today, Crisafulli design engineer Jordan Webb says a cab and A/C are must-haves for dredge operators.

“Dredging involves long hours in an exposed environment and frankly it’s not exciting work,” Jordan says. “At the same time, the operator is in charge of an expensive machine on a very expensive project. His comfort and alertness are important to keeping the machine running efficiently.”

SRS Crisafulli equips its cabs with Red Dot R-9777 rooftop units, and the low maintenance and high performance are in tune with the company’s sales message. At the factory, installation “is probably the easiest part of our manufacturing process,” Jordan says. “Interstate provides the unit and the mounts for the engine, we run a hose between them, and we’re done.”

Jordan says the Red Dot WD network is another benefit. Most Crisafulli customers are in the United States and Canada and want to know where to find parts and service. When they hear "Red Dot," they know there's a distributor network to help them with the parts they need. 

“Red Dot units, coupled with local support, make a pretty appealing combination,” says Interstate's Mike Ray. 

If you see an opportunity with a specialty OE, talk to your Red Dot Account Manager about how we can support your sales efforts. You never know what opportunities will bubble up.