Red Dot Offers Cabaire Cab Pressurizers for 2015

You can’t have a comfortable cab without clean, fresh air. For 2015, we’re pleased to offer three heavy-duty cab air treatment systems to our aftermarket catalog:

  1. Cabaire RP, a cab pressurizer you can pair with a downstream filter;
  2. Cabaire PO, a pressurizer and air pre-cleaner; and
  3. Cabaire S, a pressurizer, pre-cleaner, and filtration system into a single, high-capacity package. 

Why Cabaire? 

Built by Enginaire in Janesville, Wisc., Cabaire systems are made for heavy-duty equipment cabs and severe conditions. They were introduced in 2007 and have a strong track record in applications like mining, agriculture, forestry, and other environments laden with dust, powder, fibers, smoke, fumes, and other airborne particulates. 

These products appeal to specialty OEs as well as aftermarket customers who want a robust, self-contained filtration system and cab pressurizer they can pair with a Red Dot A/C unit. 

How it Works 

Enginaire’s cab pressurization unit combines an air pre-cleaner with Enginaire’s VLR air filter. The result is an efficient, self-contained filter blower that provides 160 cfm of air into the cab. 

As air is drawn into the system, a centrifugal pre-cleaner spins to isolate and eject large particles from the air. This “pre-cleaned” air is pumped through a secondary filter and then blown into the cab through the air conditioner’s air intake duct, creating a positive pressure that forces dirt out of poorly sealed doors, windows, and other leak points. Dust literally migrates out of the space as though it has cleaned itself. 


Fresh, breathable air is vital for operator comfort while working on the job site. For contractors and equipment managers, it’s also a matter of compliance: health and safety rules typically require employers to reduce exposure to dust and silica-containing materials like concrete, brick, tile, drywall, mortar, sand, or stone.

Clean air also means better A/C performance and longer filter life. This translates to savings in labor costs, fewer filters to be purchased, and less down time on the machines. 

Red Dot will offer 12 or 24V Cabaire products with standard cellulose, HEPA, or activated charcoal elements. We’ll continue to offer our Red Dot cab pressurizer, an ideal match with Donaldson filters.

Talk to your Red Dot Account Man- ager about the advantages of Cabaire systems and how to pair them with the right Red Dot unit for your customer’s application.