Streamline Compressor Inventory with Sanden FLX7

Red Dot’s all-makes parts program means you can be a one-stop source for any mixed fleet of on- or off-highway vehicles. There's no better example than the Sanden FLX family of heavy-duty A/C compressors. 

It’s expensive to stock every OE compressor configuration. With the FLX7, you can replace the majority of Sanden's OE compressors with just 15 models and five head adapters.

Each FLX7 comes standard with heavy-duty clutch bearings, a clutch diode, and a pressure relief valve. It has a pad style cylinder head ready to accept any of the six hose fittings, and the port fittings are low-profile and made from forged steel, promising better durability and lower weight than cast-iron fittings.

The FLX7 doesn’t just replace existing models, it makes it possible to create compressor configurations previously unavailable from Sanden. If you know a vehicle’s make, model, and year, you can create a replacement compressor from a Sanden FLX7—and consolidate hundreds of unique part numbers into less than 20.