Xantrex Launches ‘My X-Perience’ Program

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 17, 2013 — Xantrex Technology is proud to launch an innovative, customer-focused initiative called “My X-Perience” which enables the users of Xantrex products to share their story and brand experience. The program is not just about the Xantrex brand, it’s about peoples’ lives, their adventures and the special moments they enjoy using Xantrex power solutions. Thanks to over three decades of world-class design and manufacturing, Xantrex has created a massive base of loyal customers who rely on its solutions for their onboard AC power and battery charging needs.

“This new concept had its soft launch at two industry events earlier this year. It was fascinating to learn how our solutions were playing a part in peoples’ professional and personal lives. We captured many interesting stories on camera and decided to launch a full-fledged campaign on our website and social media outlets. Over the years, we have received many emails and calls from our customers and have read about their positive experiences in magazines; but we were blown away to meet and hear real people, real stories and their connection with our brand. It’s rewarding to learn that our solutions make people feel at home while on water or on the road,” said Mitul Chandrani, Marketing Manager at Xantrex Technology.

“We have a rich history of designing and engineering some of the best-selling and most reputable products but I believe there’s always room for improvement and innovation. While manufacturing quality products is important, engaging with people who actually use the product is what fuels that design standard. Our users’ comments and feedback are critical in making improvements to our existing product lines, developing newer technologies and user-friendly marketing programs. The hugely successful educational series ‘Tech Doctor’ and our extensive repository of ‘product/how to’ videos on the YouTube channel are the perfect examples of initiatives driven by recommendation from our users,” said Richard Gaudet, Vice President at Xantrex Technology.

The “My X-Perience” program is now officially open for our users to share their stories. Check out the new special section on our website and social media outlets - YouTube and Pinterest to view inspiring stories about Xantrex power solutions from people in various professions and geographies around the world. So, do you have a story to share? If so, please contact Mitul Chandrani at mitul.chandrani@schneider-electric.com for details. There will be a winner for best story submission at the end of each year. The winner will be announced in January of the following year on the Xantrex website and in the corporate newsletter.