Xantrex Launches H.A.L.T. Testing Across All Product Platforms

VANCOUVER, B.C. (July 10, 2012)—Xantrex Technology has launched its own comprehensive internal quality testing system, which it has applied to all product platforms, christened “H.A.L.T.” for Highly Accelerated Life Testing.  

As an IS090001:2008 registered company, Xantrex puts products through the rigors of independent laboratory testing. However, Xantrex has chosen to further invest heavily in its own safety, quality, and reliability procedures to ensure that its products meet or exceed all required standards, with the goal to ultimately improve product reliability and performance. 

The H.A.L.T. product evaluation process takes place in a special environmental chamber, which allows the Xantrex quality team to rapidly overstress products in harsh operating environments. Products are subjected to extreme thermal and vibration stress environments including a combination of thermal and vibration stress cycles. Data from this evaluation is used for deep safety and quality analysis and subsequently used to rectify any potential software, firmware, or hardware design and manufacturing issues that may occur in extreme conditions outside of product specifications.

“At Xantrex, we conceive, design, and test our products in-house,” said Spyros Thomas, Xantrex vice president of quality and customer service. “We take product safety and quality seriously and believe that having our own internal quality and safety protocols such as those regimented by H.A.L.T. helps us produce the best, most reliable products for our customers. We believe our own internal H.A.L.T. gives us a distinctive edge in the fiercely competitive AC power products market.”

Xantrex power products are used by a broad mix of consumers and businesses for a variety of recreational and commercial purposes. Whether used aboard a boat or RV, for modern mobile applications involving sophisticated and sensitive electronics, or for commercial fishing vessels, heavy-duty work trucks, ambulances, or military vehicles, having a dependable AC power source and onboard power system is critical for successful, uninterrupted operation. 

“We will continue to reinvent our safety and quality processes to ensure that we test and build our products to the highest standards in the industry,” added Thomas.

Xantrex Technology's H.A.L.T. (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) program is designed to improve product reliability and performance. Learn more about this stringent quality test from Xantrex Marketing Manager Mitul Chandrani and Reliability Engineer Golnaz Sanaie.