Xantrex Offers OOIDA Members 15 Percent Discount on Inverters and Installation

Owner-Operator and Independent Driver Association (OOIDA) members can now obtain Xantrex’s most popular 3-stage battery charger at a 15 percent discount.

Owner-Operator and Independent Driver Association (OOIDA) members can now obtain Xantrex’s most popular 3-stage battery charger at a 15 percent discount.

BURNABY, British Columbia, June 19, 2018 –  Xantrex, the leading supplier of inverters and battery chargers to the trucking industry, has announced it is providing OOIDA members with a 15 percent discount on aftermarket purchases of its most popular inverters. It’s also offering a 15 percent installation discount when OOIDA members utilize the Inverter Service Center, located in Tennessee.

“This is a way to say thank you to owner-operators and OOIDA members for their continuous support,” said Mitul Chandrani, senior marketing manager for Xantrex business at Schneider Electric. “They’ve helped us become the premier supplier in the industry – more than 80 percent of all inverters installed at truck manufacturing plants are Xantrex; overall we’ve sold more than 500,000 units in the past decade.”

Xantrex’s newest inverters, the Freedom X sine wave, and Freedom XC (with built-in battery charge), are available through the program, along with four other Xantrex inverters. To receive the discount, OOIDA members must order through Xantrex’s authorized service center.

According to Chandrani, the Freedom X series, which was recently introduced, has already become a best-seller for the company. It’s available in 1,000- and 2,000-watt units, with an optional built-in 3-stage battery charger (Freedom XC). “The 2,000-watt unit with 80 amp battery charger is the perfect unit designed for today’s sleeper cabs,” said Chandrani. “The new inverters bring more surge power (2X) and precise electrical power in a rugged package, designed for the trucking industry. Our ability to provide two seconds of surge power for motor loads is a big advancement for high frequency sine wave inverters, and a welcome sight for truckers who want to use microwaves and other initial high-draw devices. Other sine wave inverters might get up to a 1/4 second in surge power, and can’t handle the surge -- it will shut down the inverter. Our Freedom X performs when others can’t. It’s best-in-class.” 

About Xantrex
The Xantrex brand, owned by Schneider Electric, is one of the most successful and popular brands of onboard AC power technology. Xantrex products are used in a variety of applications in the commercial truck, RV, marine, military, construction, EMS, bus, work service vehicle markets. Xantrex ensures its products are put through extensive reliability testing and certifies its products to comply with various regulatory standards to meet or exceed the applicable requirements for safety, quality, efficiency and environment. With more than three decades of design, engineering and manufacturing experience backed by Schneider Electric’s global infrastructure, Xantrex power solutions offer a mix of advanced technology and unmatched bankability.