Xantrex Expands the Freedom X Family with 3,000 Watt Sine Wave Inverter

BURNABY, British Columbia, September 18, 2018 – Xantrex, a leading supplier of inverters and inverter charges, has added a new inverter to its Freedom X line — the Freedom X 3000. The inverter is rated at 3,000 watt and is pure sine wave. 

According to Mitul Chandrani, senior marketing manager for Xantrex business at Schneider Electric, the new inverter was designed for use in service and utility trucks, cable vans, boom trucks, and lift trucks. “The inverter was designed to be best in class,” said Chandrani. “It provides the power to handle heavy motor loads such as air compressors and other power tools, plus it has an industry best surge rating. When powering heavy loads, it can handle two seconds of surge up to 6,000 watts, and can do so at high temperatures – up to 104 degrees F. Typically, an inverter’s output begins to de-rate at above 77 degrees and surge lasts for 200-300 milliseconds. What we offer is a huge advancement.”

The Freedom X 3000 was designed to work with high voltage alternators – up to 18Vdc found on many new vehicle chassis. “Plus we have a 30A transfer relay, which allows shore power to pass through the inverter to power any electronics and tools. Some inverters on the market don’t have this relay. Without it, the inverter will keep powering electronics and tools from the inverted power it receives either from the battery or alternator, draining the battery.”

According to Chandrani, the new inverter features an ignition control, which controls inverter operation via the vehicle’s ignition circuit. “The ignition control is very useful because it shuts off the inverter when the ignition key is turned off,” said Chandrani. “Lesser inverters need to be manually turned off, and if they’re not, they will continue to draw power, which may eventually drain the battery.”

The Freedom X 3000 is easy to install and has quick connect AC terminals for fast, reliable and easy wiring. The inverter can be hardwired or installed with an optional GFCI outlet, ideal for a work vehicle or commercial truck with a large battery bank. 

Like other members of the Freedom X family, the Freedom X 3000 is UL458 certified with marine supplement and meets FCC, Class B standards. It is also tested for environmental stresses and moisture and corrosion resistance. The suggested retail price for the Freedom X 3000 is $950.00 USD.

About Xantrex 

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